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A Centralized Contacts Manager
Zoho Address Book
Enables storage and access to centralized contacts address book across Zoho services. "Category" support for grouping the contacts.
Import Contacts
Contacts can be directly imported from web mail services like GMail, Yahoo, Live and also from various local file formats (.csv, .ldif, .vcf).
Organization Contacts
Organization user can access the user details of other members in the Organization.
Export Contacts
Supports various file format contacts export like .html, .csv, .vcf, .ldif and outlook csv.
Group Contacts
Contacts support for the organization/personal groups, which will be accessible to all the members of the group.
Integration with Zoho Services
Send instant messages (Zoho Chat) based on the contacts online status and Send a mail (Zoho mail) to any contacts right from Zoho Contacts.
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